(Sold) Laser cutter/engraver




PowerLine F20


Fort Collins, Colorado





Possible Uses: 

  • Engraver
  • Cutter
  • Ring engraver


  • Used - Very Good


We are selling Rofin Sinar Powerline F-20 Diode Fiber Galvo Marking/Cutting Laser IPG Photonics

  • Extremely compact design for easy integration
  • Perfect results at high marking speeds
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Double Galvo
  • Extraordinary high lifetime
  • See Video Links Below

This product is a high-quality and expensive Laser at a reduced price. Your purchase will come with the following:

  • Rackmount Computer (Keyboard, Monitor & Mouse)
  • Rofin Visual Marking Software
  • Rofin Design Software
  • Linear Rail from Parker Laser with Motor (Control software for Adjusting focal length on the fly)
  • Installation and Training for purchases for most of Colorado
  • Optional Software for rotating materials for engraving round objects
  • Vertical Mount with Motor and Motor Control for adjusting height
  • Rotary Ring Engraver with software
  • External Laser Bounding Box - Points to Location of engraving with software

Technical Specs:

  • Model: Powerline F-20
  • Continuous Average Output Power: 20 Watts
  • Current Field Size: 120 x 120 mm
  • Current Focal Length: 183 mm
  • Pulse Frequency: 20-100 kHz
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm

Be careful with Cheap Laser systems that will need a lot of maintenance and replacement parts. This laser will last!

We have a rotary engraver that we can offer as an upgrade. Additional cost.

Need a new source of income? This laser engraver along with our optional automation system can produce a lot of engraved materials with minimal employees.

Rofin Sinar has been developing Lasers for over 35 Years. Their list of customers include the following companies:

  • Automotive Industry
    Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Porsche, Saab, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagon & Volvo etc...
  • Semiconductor Industry
    Analog Devices, AMD, Cypress, Phillips, STMicroelectronics, Siemens etc...
  • Other
    GE, Omega, Bosch, etc...