Microbrewery Automated Bottle Packaging line for only $15,000 down!!!


Custom Bottling Line from Specialized Automation


Loader, Labeler, Rinser, Filler, Capper & Cap Sorter


Fort Collins, CO.





Possible Uses: 

  • Packaging Beer
  • Soda
  • Tea
  • etc...


  • New


Amazing Deal for Microbreweries!!
You can throw away the microbrewery business playbook!!!

We are offering a great opportunity to some local microbreweries along the front range. We are selling a brand new automated packaging line for packaging 22oz beer bottles. This machine can be upgraded to handle 12oz beer bottles. We have two machines available for this once in a lifetime deal. 

Brew Masters start making more income now by packaging and distributing your products in beer bottles. Our machine has a very small footprint, made for the up and coming Microbreweries. (Approximately 4' x 6') 

This deal is only good for microbreweries in Colorado along the Front Range and it is first come first serve. We only require a $15,000 down payment to get started. There are conditions to qualify for this amazing deal. Please email us for full details and to setup an appointment. 

Ask how you can get a free 12oz packaging upgrade on this machine. After the upgrade the machine will be able to handle both 12 and 22oz bottles for only $15,000 down. 

Machine's Features 
This machine can load up to 2 cases of 22oz beer bottles before needing to be reloaded. This can be upgraded for 12oz bottles and can be upgraded to increase the load capacity.

This machine applies pressure sensitive labels, straight and fast at a rate of 2500 to 3000 bottles per hour. The labeler can be upgraded to handle 12oz bottles. 

The machine can rinse bottles quickly at a rate of 2500 to 3000 bottles per hour. The machine can be upgraded to increase the speed to 5000 per hour and also handle 12oz beer bottles. 

The machine can fill four 22oz bottles at once using counter pressure filling with CO2 or Nitrogen. The filler automatically balances the pressure from the tank and the bottles. The filler also has foam extraction technology. The filler can evacuate bottles before purging with CO2 or Nitrogen.

The machine can cap 22oz bottles with a single inline capper. The capper can keep up with the filler and the machines speed. The capper can be upgraded to handle 12oz beer bottles. 

Cap Sorter
The machine can handle standard crowns for 22oz beer bottles. The cap sorter will orient and sort caps to be placed on top of each bottle before getting capped. 

Packaging Technology
We have been designing and building packaging automation for more than 15 years. We have videos of our machines running in the field. We have several packaging lines in the field packaging products including microbreweries in Colorado for anyone interested to visit. 

Our Responsibilities
3 Year Warranty!!! We will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the machine for the next 3 years and upgrading it to handle 12oz beer bottles. We are responsible for installing and training your employees to use the machine. 

This deal is not going to last. We are working with just a few microbreweries and this deal is done!!!!